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Drawing [Design] of a tree and a house, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 12ea23193c6cf0d4247899b8f2107a92d

Drawing [Design] of a turkey, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: b05c43a379030a6c04ff503a11db9c75d

Drawing [Design] of a two birds, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 72fa5cc56083f1c3a56205d4c54cfd12d

Drawing [Design] of a vase of flowers, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 27e52d078d375a0da7f5b55151eac168d

Drawing [Design] of a woman entitled "Anjuline", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 4b4df1d9b1f5d5e92a3a654049d4393bd

Drawing [Design] of a woman entitled "Betzy", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9f56be0c5abfef2c8f07719bbd637357d

Drawing [Design] of a woman entitled "Catharina", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: f8bcd535322c3b407ba382ede3441a28d

Drawing [Design] of a woman entitled "Eliza", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 27a736ba3f1957efdb6bb9f35af1a53fd

Drawing [Design] of a woman entitled "Elizabeth", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 178deb3aa1146c2c79ab08ecd58c3d24d

Drawing [Design] of a woman in a yellow dress, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9fe0876f211a43168b238dec253c1692d

Drawing [Design] of a woman, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8fd58f80d69ded48b5b4b4564c353f03d

Drawing [Design] of Adam and Eve dated February 12, 1841

 Digital Record
Identifier: 79ab91bfb226a716c33127656b961872d

Drawing [Design] of an angel, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3922d26170dc17b801291fb530598e9cd

Drawing [Design] of an eagle, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: fe31cc9668370e8822b01ea82e7fbdbad

Drawing [Design] of an owl, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 055ab39a503eccd8b77b2f770752409dd

Drawing [Design] of birds dated January 6, 1840

 Digital Record
Identifier: cf1357d5f7d8bc4c826754f8b33cb298d

Drawing [Design] of birds, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2424265b84e0837a2268f436cb180240d

Drawing [Design] of chicken, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 17e6564a476c894eae4346966713f064d

Drawing [Design] of "Crucifixion of Christ", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 170573ef488b7e017d2203cc2ef1b6d6d

Drawing [Design] of flowers and geometric shapes, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: bce7bee03fd38e92f6f2a2dfd4eb904ad

Drawing [Design] of flowers, dated March 18, 1841

 Digital Record
Identifier: f983e9fcb096669aeef1b81a32f3a85ed

Drawing [Design] of flowers in a vase, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 84072e9ab704ce2b70003e5d97deba93d

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