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Drawing [Design] entitled "Cow", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5bfa06f7b712996ebad95a23f51dea4bd

Drawing [Design] entitled "Die herabfunfe de Konigsallers"

 Digital Record
Identifier: c8e9602ee2cc9c80bc4feee8a4d21d3cd

Drawing [Design] entitled "Die Wiedergeburht", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 463325fc2cc426cb2bf49b766e824bc9d

Drawing [Design] entitled "Eine Singulesin", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 714097f0d74792c94457924002a1705fd

Drawing [Design] entitled "Horse", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 7d871651f05737e1d1e5d7646a909632d

Drawing [Design] entitled "Indianer", dated January 7, 1841

 Digital Record
Identifier: 50770b50d3d7836ae5efbca58105b3c9d

Drawing [Design] entitled "Man", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 84ac4fd103bb4f7986c4317cbcf6b076d

Drawing [Design] entitled "Rose", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5e170091deb9f76375c1952a1fa91001d

Drawing [Design] entitled "The Merry Kittens"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 4266b6cd4a0d3433801511d10070107ed

Drawing [Design] entitled "Union Mills", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8776d679dfeaf24fa812bfce337a4c17d

Drawing [Design] entitled "Unterricht, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: fb6bc3d3461d96c1bbcb496538888b5ed

Drawing [Design] entitled "William Shrine's house", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: a1ba4e1d2afac46f388eed7cbc24f095d

Drawing [Design] labeled "dog" and "Hoers[sic]", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3780c4f3a41483d0e6531ea16bd61c9ed

Drawing [Design] labeled "soldier" and "wagon", undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: e842a8bb8878586c2ddc57a3b8bb26b3d

Drawing [Design] manuscript prayer by unknown, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 7ebce7654c8d2276ed3cae7c18f5ca72d

Drawing [Design] of a bearded man holding a horse, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 29dab61741093b570b31370cdbed1077d

Drawing [Design] of a bearded man on a horse, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: cce7d06b0bbdb44dd86e6a01fb60ce0cd

Drawing [Design] of a bearded man playing a fiddle, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 7b4eca583960ea2eecd906e3c4e42694d

Drawing [Design] of a bird and a horse, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2d6d78bab5fc949a2bfe2d09a2515e09d

Drawing [Design] of a bird and tulip, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: 176bd32b79f7b27217ace0085ec0a105d

Drawing [Design] of a bird, flowers, and a vase, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: a3b61c9487adad6fc485220bb20393acd

Drawing [Design] of a bird, heart, and flower, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: c31f24b2f83a233350f68d8e79965910d

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